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PRESS RELEASE. Embracing the change: Classoos experiences rapid growth as schools go digital

Classoos is proud to announce a ten-fold growth in sales since 2020 as schools' digital capabilities increased and the benefits of digital resources became clear.

In March 2020 during the first lockdown, Classoos led an initiative to furnish schools with free textbooks for 90 days; ultimately rolling out more than half a million textbooks in just six months. This scheme, in partnership with the publishers, gave teachers and students the ability to continue their teaching and learning in the most unorthodox of circumstances.

As the disruption of the last two years abates, the legacy of Classoos’ fast rollout to a wider audience is seen in the continuing adoption of digital textbooks as students return to their classrooms. The widespread use of LMS like Google Classroom and Microsoft Teams has reinforced the need for quality digital resources.

Pre-Covid, solid digital infrastructures and one to one devices were primarily found in the independent sector but, during Covid, the Department for Education were forced to accept what educators have known for a long time; that the key to successful learning was the ability to furnish state schools with the technical ability to go digital. The situation in state schools is a work in progress and far from perfect, with many schools still suffering from poor networks and equity of access to devices. But there is a growing acceptance of BYO devices as schools understand that all students need access to a device to access their learning.

Classoos see their role as just one part of the digital learning jigsaw; Learning Management Systems, infrastructure, devices and digital resources like textbooks. Head of UK and International Sales, Tim Clark says, ‘we are not reinventing the wheel; teaching and learning is, in many ways, the same in essence but with the infrastructure in place in more schools, everyone can benefit from the seamless integration of digital resources.’

As a result of the increased availability of 1:1 devices in secondary schools, coupled with growing teacher confidence in the use of IT, Classoos continues to see significant sales growth across both the independent and state sectors in the UK. Students and teachers are embracing the advantages of going digital; for the environmental and economic benefits and for the flexibility and ease of accessing their resources.

Classoos are looking forward to expanding their reach across the world with an ever-growing library of textbooks, improved functionality and new updates.

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