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Give your students less to carry (and less to forget!), better access to learning, and save up to 70% with digital textbooks on Classoos – exact replicas of the physical books used in the classroom!

Textbooks for the whole British curricula

Classoos textbooks cover KS3, KS4, GCSE, IGCSE, A-Level, BTEC and KS5 as well as IB curricula offering more than 20,000 textbooks from leading UK publishers.

Enhance your textbooks

Teachers and students can enhance their textbooks with highlights, notes, videos and links to school or external resources.

Share notes, links and media with users and groups

Expand the classroom conversation and share additional resources with your students and colleagues

Anytime, anyplace, anywhere

Download your textbooks via the Classoos app and use them even when you are offline.

Save up to 66% with online textbooks

Classoos gives you great features for a smaller price.

Upload and share learning resources

Upload your own learning resources and share them with students and colleagues

Build school’s resources hub

Teachers can upload their learning resources or search for their colleague’s resources, then share them with their students to enhance the learning experience.

Flexible payment options

Pay by card or place a school order. If you are happy with it – so are we!

Use your existing email and password to sign in

We support Single Sign-On so school users can use their existing Google, Microsoft or Firefly login details.

MIS integration

Classoos automatically tracks changes with users and study groups by integrating with your school’s MIS via GroupCall Xporter On-Demand.

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