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Tech – the great enabler

Studying in the digital age: “There’s an app for that!” How tech, used well, has made studying so much easier.

Classoos Case Study: My Online Schooling Ltd – Emily Leask

Why digital books make so much sense for online schools, the unexpected benefits and how they brought our online school completely up to date.

A (class)room of one’s own: parents and pupils look to hybrid schooling

Parents are increasingly looking for schools that offer a hybrid teaching and learning model. The benefits of hybrid working have become more apparent post-pandemic, they’re thinking: why not extend this practice to our kids?

The features and benefits of digital textbooks you may not have thought of. Are you making the most of these?

I wish I’d had digital textbooks when I was a teacher. Here are some of the features and benefits I’d most enjoy. I’ve saved the best till last!

How digital textbooks save schools money: the 10 hidden costs of physical textbooks

Budgets are tight. All schools are having to do more with less. But digital textbooks can save money in the unlikeliest of ways.

In textbooks we trust: why teachers still turn to textbooks for lesson planning

We at Classoos have been researching shifting attitudes to textbooks in teaching. We asked teachers whether they use textbooks or not and why?

Saving the planet, one print run at a time

1959 brought us the first fully automatic camera, Eveready the long-lasting alkaline battery, the first pictures of the Earth taken from outer space, and Xerox’s photocopier.

How to help Year 7s step up to senior school this term

We’ve been asking teachers and looking at the research to put together some tried-and-trusted methods to help Year 7s step (or catch) up academically.

Getting uni-ready: the rise of digital textbooks in higher education

One of the challenges of university is adapting to new ways of studying: small seminar groups, huge lecture halls, day-long sessions in the laboratory, group assessments, independent learning – and so much more.

SCHOOL CASE STUDY: Da Vinci International School, Antwerp, Belgium

We spoke to Deputy Head, Mike Bramley about how and why they introduced digital books and how they find teaching and learning with Classoos.

5 top revision tips as we hit the home straight

It’s revision time. The time when students panic and realise how much they need to remember and teachers try to ensure their students have all the information they need at their disposal. With exams looming, here are some helpful ideas to get you to those all important great results.

PRESS RELEASE. Embracing the change: Classoos experiences rapid growth as schools go digital

Classoos is proud to announce a ten-fold growth in sales since 2020 as schools' digital capabilities increased and the benefits of digital resources became clear.

Reinventing the textbook: making the textbook your own

After years of making resources with scissors, glue sticks and photocopiers; digital textbooks allow teachers to build their resources and curate their textbooks quickly and simply - finally a new chapter in the history of the textbook.

Classoos: More than just an E-Reader

You’ve registered, downloaded the app, chosen your books and you’re ready to go, but hang on! Before you start, did you know that you can do so much more with Classoos than simply read the textbooks?

SCHOOL CASE STUDY: Surbiton High School

Improved teaching and learning experience and 1% gains

St Edmund’s College, Hertfordshire

Enabling students greater access to the resources they need, wherever they may be

Why online textbooks proved to be the right move

Improving teaching and learning through the smart use of technology

Heavy backpacks can be a thing of the past

Whilst the jury remains out on the damage that a young, growing body can sustain through carrying a heavy school bag, there’s no denying that it’s something that continues to concern both parents and teachers alike.

Can online textbooks really address the teacher over workload crisis?

Classoos believes online textbooks can tackle the triumvirate of overwork for teachers – marking, planning and data management

A light at the end of the digital publishing tunnel

Merlin John seasoned education commentator considers the issues facing traditional publishers in education and refreshingly offers a solution

Writing in textbooks : Critics or vandals?

Tony Parkin recalls his shock at receiving vandalised textbooks when he first went to school – and wonders if online textbooks like Classoos offer a solution.

Writing in Textbooks (part 2): Living on the margins

There’s a difference between defacing textbooks and making margin notes. Margin notes are an essential part of the conversation between you and the author says Tony Parkin. With online textbooks margin writing is part of the deal!

Just how do schools go about implementing a online textbook strategy?

Matt Britland former Director of Digital Learning, The Lady Eleanor Holles School and now Director of IT and Digital Strategy at Alleyns School explains his journey.
Some teaching, learning and financial benefits of using online textbooks in your school

Achieving 1.1 success is not as hard as you think! Digital devices for schools

The triumvirate of training, support and leadership are key to 1:1 provision in schools conclude leading education thinkers

Is the digital textbook revolution finally here?

Not quite - but at least all the pieces are now in place suggests Tony Parkin

Schools are spending £60,000, or more on photocopying; How much are you spending?

Reducing your photocopying bill by sharing your teaching and learning resources digitally

Schools need to do more to support girls to be confident using technology

What Lady Eleanor Holles School do to prepare their girls for working life

Are school backpacks too heavy for children?

Schools are looking for solutions to lighten the load carried by their students

The importance of digital textbooks and learning

With budgets dwindling, UK schools turn to digital solutions to provide materials to students.