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The importance of digital textbooks and learning

With budgets dwindling, UK schools turn to digital solutions to provide materials to students.

Earlier this year, The Guardian reported that school funding was on the decline, forcing budgets to be cut, schools to plead with parents for donations, and, according to the article, “teachers complaining that school photocopying and printing budgets have been slashed, meaning pupils are missing out on classroom material or having to rely on battered or defaced old textbooks.”

As schools struggle to find a way to continue to provide materials for students, some are turning towards digital textbook and learning resource services like Classoos, which launched earlier this year in the UK; which allow schools, teachers, and students to tap into existing infrastructure and not require the purchase of additional hardware for classrooms or students.

“With digital devices in every hand and budget constraints everywhere, more and more schools around the country are looking for a reliable, simple and a working solution to allow them to start working with digital textbooks on their everyday tasks in school and at home,” said Amir Golan, Classoos Co-CEO and Founder.

Classoos is a platform that provides digital textbooks from leading textbook publishers such as Pearson and Hodder Education.  The platform also allows teachers to create original teaching content to supplement textbook learning and assess the performance of each student in real time.  Though budgets may be declining, there are ways for schools to still offer students the resources they need for a good education.

London’s Lady Eleanor Holles School is the first school in the UK to feature this new platform which allows teachers and students access to digital textbooks and learning management systems online, on a PC, a tablet, or via smartphone.

“We’re delighted to be the first school in the UK to use Classoos in the classroom, and so far it has proved highly successful with our students and staff,” said Heather Hanbury, Head Mistress of Lady Eleanor Holles.

The platform is being utilized in both the secondary school and the junior school.  The platform began being used in one subject and now it is being used across the curriculum.

“Classoos is an amazing teaching tool, which has enabled students to access their textbook and associated resources more easily,” said Jenny Manns, Head of Mathematics of Lady Eleanor Holles.


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