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Some teaching, learning and financial benefits of using online textbooks in your school

As a teacher you may be used to handing students a printed book and asking them to open up to a specific page in order to complete an exercise. What are the benefits of using Classoss to access online textbooks and resources and why should you consider it ….?

  1. Access all books through a single, internet-enabled device be it a phone, tablet or laptop /PC.
  2. Once downloaded the online textbooks and resources can be accessed when there is no internet access.
  3. There are no delivery costs or shipping delays with online textbooks
  4. Online textbooks are portable. Published textbooks in physical form can be bulky and heavy. With students taking several classes in a day, carrying half a dozen textbooks around can become cumbersome.
  5. Cheaper – Online textbooks are cheaper compared to traditional textbooks.
  6. De clutter classrooms; with online textbooks no storage or shelves are required
  7. No trees are required to manufacture paper for the pages of online textbooks. Environmentally conscious students prefer leaving a smaller carbon footprint.
  8. Online textbooks can include links, for easy access to more information and related websites.
  9. Online textbooks can be annotated. The Classoos reader allows notes and bookmarks to be tagged to specific words or paragraphs in a book. This helps students to take clear notes in their online textbooks.
  10. Online textbooks can be highlighted. The highlighting function allows students to mark important parts of the e-textbook for easy study later.
  11. Online textbooks can include overlays. Using Classoos teachers can create overlays which include additional supplementary content includes external links and additional notes to aid understanding.
  12. Online textbooks are searchable. The Classoos search function makes finding any information in the online textbook quick. No need to go through the index pages or searching for a specific paragraph.
  13. Text in online textbooks can be resized, and the colour inverted making it easier to read for people with disabilities. With the Classoos reader online textbooks can be turned into audio books.
  14. Always having a pristine copy. No graffiti, no missing pages.
  15. Always having the most up-to-date book. Keep pace with curriculum change.
  16. Should the phone, tablet or PC / laptop get damaged or lost login to a new device without losing notes and highlights.
  17. Anytime, anyplace anywhere. With today’s technology, you can read online textbooks everywhere, on the bus, train and even while queuing!
  18. Create quizzes and tests. Use Classoos to create and allocate quizzes to teaching groups or share with teaching colleagues.
  19. Online textbooks can speed up work. The copy and paste function allows students to quote sections of textbooks in their references, without having to re-type them.
  20. Online textbooks can be interactive and contain audio, video and animations, which can enhance the message that the author is trying to convey.

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