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About Us

classoos provides an enhanced mobile education platform. Launched in the UK in 2017 by experts in technology and education, classoos is built off a vast experience in software creation, content development, and education.  Our vision is to transform the educational eco-system. We aspire to design and build smart technology, advanced user experience and intuitive tools to enable modern, motivated and results-driven education environment.

Avshi Segev

Co-CEO & Founder

Avshi brings 20 years of experience in management and as corporate legal adviser. Previously Avshi founded several companies providing solutions and services for industries in the data and visualization space. With classoos, Avshi brings his experience to the field of educational content and adapting these resources for a digital generation.  +44(0)742.844.6400

Amir Golan

Co-CEO & Founder

Amir brings 20 years of vast experience in management and marketing in different roles and companies. Prior to his role in classoos, Amir founded and managed several media companies: Saloona – Israel’s largest woman targeted web portal, Music 24 – a commercial tv music channel.  Musicoola – a cable & satellite platform for music channels, bit interactive – content aggregator for telcos. Previously, Amir worked for Keshet TV channel 2 as an advertising director.  +44(0)742.888.4483

Tim Clark

UK Sales Director

Tim has spent over 30 years in the fields of technology and education for such companies as RM Education and Tribal, where he developed new products, created bespoke content solutions, and expanded the use of internet in the classroom.  Tim brings his experience and expertise to play in classoos’ relationships with UK schools.   +44(0)798.807.9494

Gil Behar

CTO & Founder

Gil brings 23 years of management experience, software development, plus unique experience in media ventures that combine technology, digital content and business.  Gil worked with new media and technology and was responsible for developing all digital projects so that they could be used within the existing system.  Gil pushes the frontiers of educational materials to adapt to today’s digital world.

Guy Behar

Product & Founder

Guy brings 25 years of expertise in creative management in Internet and Television, providing a deep understanding in the way content is consumed and how best to provide that information in an easy format.  Understanding how students interact with the digital world is one of Guy’s strengths and he has used that to help make the classoos platform more engaging for teachers and students alike.

Adar Regev

Implementation Specialist

Adar specialises in implementing new technologies in secondary schools. Adar had trained hundreds of teachers from dozens of schools as well as advising headteachers and other school senior leaders on effective implementation of digital learning. Before joining Classoos Adar was the Manager of Digital Strategy at Hof HaSharon Secondary School in Israel for three years. His work earned his school a Certificate of Excellence from the Israeli Ministry of Education.

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