Can I try Classoos before I pay for the service?

If you’re a teacher with a school email address, you can trial thousands of textbooks free of charge! Request a free trial here. After your trial period ends, you will be asked to pay if you want to continue using the book. Request a FREE trial

When does an academic year licence start and expire?

The academic year licence starts on the day of each book allocation and lasts until the end of the summer holiday.

I am a student. Can I pay by myself for textbook access?

When you select textbooks from our store you can either pay by your debit/credit card if you own one, or ask your parents to pay with their card. The books will be available for you immediately after payment has been confirmed.

I am a parent. Whose email address should I use when creating an account?

You should use your child’s email address because they are the ones who will use the service.

I am a parent. Can I pay for my child’s access to textbook?

Yes! You can go to our store, select the textbooks that your child needs and pay for an annual access for them with your debit/credit card.

Can I place an order on behalf of the school?

Yes! Fill in this form and we will contact you directly.

What if I want to buy a textbook after the start of the academic year?

You can purchase eTextbooks anytime during the academic year! Click “contact us” below to check availability or request a quote.

How can I pay for textbook access for the entire school?

Choose the School Pro plan from the Pricing page and we will contact you. In the meantime, we suggest making a list of titles and ISBNs to save time.

What are the benefits of Classoos for a school?

There are several benefits: Classoos provides online textbooks from various publishers in one user-friendly app; can be used offline; and allows users to log-in with their existing school email address and password. Classoos Pro lets teachers upload and share their learning resources; saves the allocation time with MIS integration and helps to free up storage […]

Should I consider integration between the school’s MIS and Classoos?

An integration with your school MIS helps to keep Classoos up to date automatically. This means that you will not need to notify us by email of changes to your study groups. New students will have their account and books ready for them automatically the day after they have been added to the school MIS. […]