Digital Textbook Service

And Learning Resources Platform

Classoos helps transform the education process in your school by allowing teachers to enhance textbooks and distribute learning materials that enable students to take their learning anywhere via their PC, tablet or smartphone.

Always available​

Access to platform available offline

Easy To Use

Intuitive and User Friendly


Multi Device

Available for tablets, smartphones, laptops and desktop

Save Money

Save on textbook and photocopying


Education resources accessible from anywhere, anytime

Hassle Free

Sign in and start using your digital textbooks

See what they're saying

See what they're saying

Digital textbooks from leading publishers

Classoos has distribution arrangements with a growing list of international textbook publishers to feature their content on the platform


Upload and share learning resources

Upload the content you've created to your personal cloud, share those learning resources with your students and colleagues at school

Build school’s resources hub

Teachers can upload material they have created or search material created by their colleagues to share with students for an enhanced learning experience

Enrich your content

Teachers and students can enrich the textbooks with video, audio, external reference links, notes and highlights from school or external resources which can then be shared

Share notes, links and media with users and groups

Expand the classroom conversation and share additional resources with your students and colleagues

City of Jerusalem chooses Classoos as its digital education platform

  • Full Digital Textbook catalog (850+ Titles)
  • Multi Lingual Interface (Hebrew, Arabic & English)
  • City Level Usage Dashboard & Reports
  • 2018 (Estimated) – 40 schools, 32,000 students

Available on all devices

Use Classoos on tablet, desktop, web and smartphone

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