Try Digital Textbooks In Your School With No Risk And No Hassle​

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No more hours by the photocopier, no more handing out tatty and dog-eared textbooks, no more heavy backpacks for students and no more out-of-date textbooks!

Sounds good? Well, don’t just take our word for it. Try it yourself for free – you can pilot Classoos in your school for 6 weeks with our simple and no obligation trial.

To start a pilot at your school:
– Nominate the lead for the pilot at your school and provide us with their contact details
– Agree two departments (or more) to participate in the pilot
– Provide us with a list of the digital textbooks that you require


As a school leader, you want to know if using Classoos with digital textbooks will provide benefits to your school before you make a commitment.

To help you make the best decision for your school we at Classoos would like to offer you a no obligation “try before you buy”. This pilot project will last for six weeks and we are sure that, as a result, you will get to see for yourself how your school, teachers and students benefit from the transition to digital textbooks

See what teachers and students at Lady Eleanor Holles School had to say when they adopted Classoos and digital textbooks. Watch the video

Classoos commitment to you:
– We will provide the agreed digital textbooks free of charge for the duration of the pilot
– We will integrate with your school’s MIS
– We will integrate Classoos with your chosen Single Sign-On method
– We will provide training and support to your technical contact
– We will provide training to your teachers
– We will provide Classoos free of charge for the duration of the pilot

We are confident that you will see the benefits in 6 weeks. And we hope that digital textbooks become part of your teaching and learning strategy going forward.

Join Our Pilot Program Now