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Whether you’ve been forced to work remotely or whether it’s a school choice, schools need to ensure that no matter where your students are they can access curriculum materials to assist their learning.
This is where Classoos comes into its own…

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How Classoos Helps with Remote Learning?

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Enhance your textbooks

Teachers and students can enhance their textbooks with highlights, notes, videos and links to school or external resources.

Share notes, links and media with users and groups

Expand the classroom conversation and share additional resources with your students and colleagues

Anytime, anyplace, anywhere

Download your textbooks via the Classoos app and use them even when you are offline.

Save up to 66% with online textbooks

Classoos gives you great features for a smaller price.

LEH school, London, chose Classoos

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See what they're saying about us

See what they're saying about us