Frequently Asked Questions

How does a school get access to licenced textbooks?

Classoos has a relationship with international textbook publishers and can grant the licence to user for these materials for a specific number of years.

Do you have the textbooks I need?

Classoos has agreements in place with many international education publishers.  We are also growing our list of publishers all the time.  Contact us if there is a specific textbook publisher you work with and we can explore a licencing deal with them as well.

What licencing models do you have?

The most popular model for schools is to licence books based upon the number of users for one year. We are willing to consider other models by arrangement

What devices do you support?

We support:
iPhones and iPads
Android smartphones and tablets
Win 8.1/10 desktops and tablets

Can I Use classoos on my web browser?

Yes. We support all major browsers

Can I use it on my laptop and iPad at the same time?

Yes. Each user licence is for three devices simultaneously, so that could be a desktop computer, a tablet, and a phone.

Do I have to pay for the platform?

Yes. There is a subscription charge for the classoos platform in addition to licencing charges for textbooks.

How much do I have to pay for the books?

The cost varies on the publisher and the textbook.  Typically, the annual licencing charge for the book is 45% of the cover price of the print edition.  A remarkable savings.

Can I add my own resources?

Yes. Teachers are able to create or include additional materials to share with their students.

Can I share resources with other teachers?

Yes. Teachers are able to both create and share learning materials/assignments, lesson plans, additional content – with other teachers.

Can I mark up the books with notes?

Yes.  Both teachers and students are able to create layers within a digital textbook which can include links and notes.  Those can be kept for personal use or shared with colleagues and students.

Do I have to be connected to the internet to use classoos?

No. Once the resources are downloaded using iOS or Android apps, there is no need to stay connected to the internet.  Full access is available offline.

Does it integrate with Firefly?

Yes. classoos is integrated with Firefly for single sign on use.

What schools and ages is classoos suitable for?

Classoos can be used in both prep and secondary schools and as young as older KS1 pupils.

What services does classoos have for visually-impaired users?

Classoos allows for text to be enlarged, inverted from black on white to white on black, and read aloud.

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