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MIS – Classoos integration

What are we trying to achieve?

We use Community Brands’s GroupCall XporterOnDemand (“Xporter”) to integrate with the following school management information systems: Arbor, BromCom, Facility CMIS, Double First Engage, iSAMS, Progresso, Pupil Asset, RM Integris G2, SIMS (Capita SIMS), SchoolBase, SchoolPod, ScholarPack and WCBS Pass. GroupCall works with many educational providers and their Xporter app gives school IT data management tools. You set up data-sharing permissions in Xporter and it works as a bridge between your MIS and Classoos.

Classoos uses Xporter to receive the following data from your MIS:

  • First name and surname
  • Email address – This is the user’s ID in Classoos
  • Role – a teacher or a student
  • Year group
  • Study groups and their members

Classoos syncs to the MIS overnight and will reflect user and study group updates the next day:

  • Create, maintain and manage user accounts
  • Create, maintain and manage classes and groups
  • Allocate textbooks to groups

How to set up the integration?

Your account manager will send you an invitation to install and set up XporterOnDemand. In addition to that, we recommend going over the most recent instructions in Community Brands website.

Is it working?

Our support team will update you whether we get the data we need or not and if not they will contact you and suggest some potential solutions. They might ask you to submit a support ticket to GroupCall – in this case remember to record the number and forward it to us so we will be able to escalate your ticket.

Can’t find an answer?

Contact us and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can